LSx09 - The 2nd Leeds Web Festival


{ LSx presents… LSxJunior!

On September 25th, LSx presents LSxJunior, an event for families to explore and enjoy technology, born from a desire to make technology events in Leeds more inclusive for families.

There is a combination of ticketed workshops and drop-in activities on the day. All the workshops and activities are free of charge to attend and available to book at the bottom of the page.

The event will be at the fantastic Hunslet Club, a purpose built youth club in South Leeds.

The Sessions…

Stop Motion Animation, by Laura Haughey of Equal Voices (ticketed)

Bring your LEGO and a story idea along and Laura will help you animate your story into a movie. This animation session aims to show you how easy it is to do stop motion animation with a computer and camera. We're using LEGO because it's fun but we'll also have stick men, plasticine and other stuff you can use too.

We'll start right from the beginning to plan, shoot and edit your animation. You do need to bring a memory stick if you want to take your animation home at the end of the session. If you have some favourite LEGO bring it along. Otherwise we've got lots you can borrow and we'll have all the equipment you'll need so you don't need anything else.

Recommended age for this session is 7 and older however all age recommendations are guidances and you may bring younger children but you might find that they need more help or are unable to do some parts for themselves. All children need to be accompanied by a grown up helper.

Runs: 10am
Running Time: 2 hours

LED Mood Lamps run by Stuart Childs, Jam Jar Collective (ticketed)

You'll be making your own mini mood lamp in this session … from scratch using an old mobile phone charger Be ready to take some paper, wire, LED's and electronics to turn your useless old phone charger into a lamp.

You will need to come with an old mobile phone charger. If you haven't got one don't worry, we'll have a few lying around.

Grown ups will be needed to help with snipping and stripping wires. No soldering is involved but you may need to use some pliers and cutters. You'll also need your maths head on to do some voltage calculations but don't worry Stuart will be on hand to help with it all.

Safety: there is no soldering involved in this workshop but there may be sharp things in use. Recommended age for this session is 8 years and older however all age recommendations are guidances and you may bring younger children but you might find that they need more help or are unable to do some parts for themselves.

Runs: 10.30am & 1.30pm
Running Time: 1.5 hours

Knee High Photowalk, run by Anne Akers, Exposure Leeds (ticketed)

Kids love taking photos but how often do they get a chance to get their hands on a digital camera. And what does the world look like when you're only 3ft tall. Well we're taking kids and their grown up helpers out and about on a guided walk, pointing out things to photograph on the way.

You'll need to bring your own digital camera along or camera phone. At the end of the session we'll help you upload the photos and create an online gallery created by the kids on the day.

There is no recommended age on this activity. If your little one can point and click a camera they'll be fine. We'll be doing a short walk around the Hunslet Club and may be venturing out onto public footpaths and pavements so children must be accompanied by a grown up.

Runs: 11.30am, 1.30pm & 3pm
Running Time: Half an hour

Make your own (Pin Hole) Camera, run by Mike Wallis (ticketed)
We'll give you everything you need to make your own pinhole camera in this session using a matchbox, some masking tape and a roll of camera film (remember that stuff?). With help from Mike, you'll paint, cut and stick your camera together. At the end of the session you'll be able to take your camera away and take up to 24 photos. You will need to take your film to be developed afterwards to see the results (costs about £6).

All children need to be accompanied by a grown up helper.

Safety: we'll be using scissors, needles and knives in this session. Grown ups should step in to help as and when needed to ensure that this session is run safely. The recommended age for this session is 8 years and older but you can bring younger children if you feel that they'll enjoy it but you may need to help them or even do some parts for them.

Runs: 1.30pm
Running Time: 1.5 hours

Friispray, by Jam Jar Collective (drop-in, no booking required)
Friispray is a very cool digital graffiti wall. Made by the very clever folks at Jam Jar Collective it uses a custom infra-red spray can, a projector, a Nintendo WiiMote, a computer and open source software. The custom 'spray can' can be used just like a normal spray can to graffiti a projector or wall.

You don't need to book for Friispray but you will need to wait your turn as it's always really popular so be patient, it will be available all day.

Runs: All day

Shoot your Parents, run by Simon Cliff (drop in, no booking required)
Ok we couldn't resist the title but we really do want kids to shoot their parents. This activity will be running all day so you can just drop in. We'll be putting kids behind the camera and parents in front in our temporary portrait room set up with backdrops and lighting. With some help from resident photographer Simon, the kids will frame, focus and shoot a portrait shot of their parents who will be striking a pose to create a brilliant photo.

Runs: All day

Want to come?
If you want to come and try the workshops you need to book a ticket but don't panic, tickets are free. All tickets are child + adult as children need to be accompanied for all the events running at LSxJunior. Each session has 10 tickets. You don't need to book for drop in sessions.

The schedule is below to help you work out what you can get to…

10am-12noon - LEGO Animation
10.30am-12noon - Mood Lamps
11.30am-12noon - Photowalk

1.30pm-2pm - Photowalk
1.30pm-3pm Mood Lamps
1.30pm-3pm - Pinhole Cameras
3pm- 3.30pm Photowalk (with your pinhole camera if you made one)

Want to know more about LSxJunior?

LSxJunior aims to…

Challenge the idea that technology is boring or threatening by showing that that it can allow ideas to be born and flourish. We want to break out of the idea that technology is just about sitting in front of a computer.

Allow families to explore new technology together, giving both adults and children the confidence to explore technology for themselves once they’ve left LSxJunior. By showing participants what’s possible we hope to inspire them to find out more.

In future the plan is to bring together the main LSxBeta conference and LSxJunior, running them side by side thereby offering an inclusive family friendly technology festival for all ages and abilities.

The event will be delivered by the LSx team and is being produced by Monica Tailor (, +44 7816 755357).

Monica runs kilo75, a small digital agency based in Leeds.

kilo75 has a great reputation for delivering quality and includes clients such as Northern Art Prize, Augere Holdings and nti Leeds.

Away from kilo75, Monica runs Leeds Social Media Surgeries and is on the committee of the Morley Literature Festival.

And finally…
Our thanks to our sponsors, funders and supporters Leeds City Council, Hunslet Club and the Leeds Young People Film Festival.