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As part of the opening evening of 2012's Bradford Animation Festival's, LSx hosted the UK premiere of Ecstasy Of Order: The Tetris Masters. This feature length documentary captures the greatest Tetris players as they prepare for the Classic Tetris World Championship. Following the screening, director Adam Cornelius joined us live, by Skype, from Portland to answer questions about his work on Ecstasy of Order.

Tetris. We’ve all played it, rotating the pieces (“tetrominoes”) and dropping them in the perfect place, or despairing as we discover a piece won’t fit. You may have even joked about “mastering” the game during a stint of unemployment, or as a child, before you could afford any other Game Boy cartridges. But what about the people who’ve truly mastered Tetris? Where are the Kasparovs and Fischers, the great champions who’ve dedicated their minds to solving its deepest puzzles?

8:30pm - Ecstasy Of Order

10:00pm - Q&A with Adam Cornelius

10:30pm - Finish

Grab your ticket for Ecstacy of Order over at the BAF2012 website!

BAF 2012

Thank you Tom Wooley, Curator of New Media at the National Media Museum for kindly supporting this screening as part of the BAF2012 programme.