LSx09 - The 2nd Leeds Web Festival

{ what we're up to in 2012...

11 dec // LSxCafé
Let it snow… Let there be cake!

01 dec // TEDxWomen
LSx will be hosting a livestream from TEDxWomen in Washington DC, at Bradford's Impressions Gallery. We'll also be hosting our own selection of speakers exploring the theme The Space Between.

13 nov // buffering… ecstacy of order
As part of this year's Bradford Animation Festival, LSx will be hosting a screening of Ecstasy Of Order, a feature length documentary that captures the greatest Tetris players as they prepare for the Classic Tetris World Championship. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director, Adam Corneliius

06 nov // LSxCafé
Zombie Steve Jobs will be discussing "Innovating from beyond the grave" (actually, there's no demo or speaker this month - just come enjoy the company!)

11 oct // an evening with… ben hammersley
As part of the Leeds Digital Festival, LSx will be hosting a talk from Ben Hammersley - the Prime Minister's Ambassador to Tech City and Editor-at-Large for Wired UK. In The Flower, The Field, And The Stack, Ben will explore the interconnectedness of all things and finding compassion in TCP/IP.

10 oct // wepublish: the future of news
Join Hebe Media and members of the WePublish community to talk about the future of news; how it's produced, published and consumed in our digital culture. The event will include an exclusive presentation about a new, mobile news service for the city, being developed by Hebe with funding from Nesta.

04 oct // girl geek (with suw charman-anderson)
We'll be joining the build up to Ada Lovelace Day; founded in 2009 by Suw Charman-Anderson as an international day celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

02 oct // LSxCafé
Artist Dave Lynch will be presenting Project Nimbus, an exploration of digital and analogue techniques to project moving images onto clouds from aircraft.

04 sept // LSxCafé
Kensei Media's Leo Fowler will be discussing his role in founding and developing the Kensei Media Platform over the last five years, alongside developing bespoke web apps for clients… for Leo, the time has come to choose between The red pill or the blue pill

07 august // LSxCafé
Andrey Pissantchev will be speaking about real-time music visualisation using Arduino and Pure Data.

11 july // girl geek (with dr. sue black)
April's guest speaker will be Dr. Sue Black, a Senior Research Associate in the Software Systems Engineering group in the the Department of Computer Science at University College London and a Senior Consultant with Cornerstone Global Associates.

10 july // LSxCafé
James Bluemink, of Pubme will be talking about his first of a kind loyalty based mobile social network that rewards users for 'Tapping In' at pubs to create brand loyalty.

27 june // TEDGlobal2012Live
A day-long simulcast of the second day of TEDGlobal 2012: Radical Openness, live from Edinburgh. The simulcast will include sessions 4, 5, 6 and 7, with twenty speakers from the TEDGlobal programme.

12 june // LSxCafé
Details soon…

01 may // LSxCafé
Paul Mackenzie will be revealing a sneak preview of SonicBloom, a new means of sharing music online and Tim Medcalf will be discussing his work in developing the Design Museum's Collection app for iPad.

19 april // girl geek dinner
Though April's guest speaker (Dr. Sue Black) cancelled at the last minute, due to a family crisis, we're gathering together our registered guests for dinner and networking at the Radisson SAS.

10 april // WePublish
Whether youre a niche publisher with a specific subject, a contribuor to a multi-author website, an old-school journalist, create printed publications (zines, comics, newsletters, magazines) or just have your own blog - come along and we'll see how we can help each other out…

03 april // LSxCafé
This month,'s lead iOS Developer, Orta Therox, will be sharing his insights on producing a Retina-edition of their iPad app. Also, Rocketware's Jimmy Forrester-Fellows will be talking about his work on Datingnode, currently the most sophisticated white-label dating platform.

30 march to 01 april // buffering… @ life online
Following the launch of LSx's Buffering… film club in October 2011 and to celebrate the launch of the Media Museum's Life Online gallery, LSx will be presenting a strand of films and documentaries exploring the social, technological and cultural impact of the internet era. Screenings will include Twittamentary, PressPausePlay and Star Wars Uncut.

30 march // TEDxBradford: "Life Online"
To celebrate the launch of the Media Museum's Life Online gallery, the second TEDxBradford will explore the social, technological and cultural impact of the internet… it's history, how it has changed people's lives and the latest trends.

06 march // LSxCafé
Local geospatial consultant Tim Waters will be speaking about Switch2OSM and the shift from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap. Also, Richard Garside will be talking about creating Font Picker  for Mac, his experiences of learning to write software with Objective-C and publishing in the App Store.

29 february // TEDxLeeds: "Money Talks"
TEDxLeeds2012 will be showcasing the most interesting ideas about the future of money - we promise there’ll be no stories of stockbrokers, building societies, accountants, call centres or bankers! Notably, those that are innovating new futures for money as tools for localism; as exchanges for creative skills and as anti-corruption mechanisms.

06 february // girl geeks
This February, we've remixed Girl Geeks as a less formal occasion, at Old Broadcasting House. Megan Smith, one of Leeds' foremost digital artists with preceed a documentary screening of Top Secret Rosies, followed by a Q&A with director LeAnn Erickson.

02 february // ignite leeds
Ignite is an ongoing series of speedy presentations. They can range from My Life In Twenty Graphs to Could Hardware Hacking Save Us? and Aid 2.0… any topic that geeks hold dear. Each speaker gets only five minutes and twenty slides that auto-advance every fifteen seconds. Ignite is fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking, social, local, global— a high-energy evening of talks by people who have an idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd.

10 january // LSxCafé
OpenCoffee Leeds is now LSxCafé, continuing with traditional coffee + cake networking, but emphasising a demo culture and encouraging attendees to show off what they're currently working on. This month we'll be demoing James Ward's Pianola, a service for bridge club managers and players. James is going to provide a sneak pre-launch peek and share his insights as CEO and founder of an internet startup.


spring 2013 // LSxBeats
Hebemedia and LSx will be hosting a one-day symposium exploring the bleeding edge of music and technology.

spring 2013 // LSxBeta
LSx's inaugural conference of emerging technologies.



{ our history...

LS1 Leeds' first web festival
Two weeks in August 2008, including including a visit from Union Square Venture's Fred Wilson and the city's first Girl Geek Dinner.

LSx09 Leeds 2nd Web Festival
One month, two dozen events, including Ryan Carson's Future Of Web Apps, a Physical Computing 101 workshop, two unconferences and the launch of Leeds' Hackspace community.

LSx2010 Leeds 3rd Web Festival
Seventeen events throughout May, including the return of Ignite Leeds, and events featuring Twitter's Raffi Krikorian, Creative Commons' Joscelyn Upendran and Google's Deborah Sherry.

LSx2011 Remixing the festival…
In 2011 we began to move to a series of year round events - twenty two in all - including the introduction of WePublish, LSxCafe, 2.8 Hours Later, LSxJunior and Buffering…