LSx09 - The 2nd Leeds Web Festival

{ what we're up to in 2011...

19 january // what technology wants; an evening with kevin kelly
Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of WIRED and a board member of The Long Now foundation recently published his latest book, What Technology Wants, a provocative discussion of technology as a living, evolving organism and the trajectories of technology into the near future.

On 19th January, Kevin kindly offered to present a live webcast discussion of his work, as well as the ideas and theories in his latest project along with a complimentary copy of the new book and the chance to put questions to Kevin directly.

22 january // WePublish; unconference
WePublish provides an arena for anyone who creates content, publishes or supports digital publishing. Whether you are a self-taught blogger or diarist through to a trained, experienced journalist and all the many alternatives between, this unconference will be an open and sharing exploration of publishing in the digital age.

01 march // opencoffee; 10am - 12pm
If you're working in the creative or digital industries, we'd love you to come hang out, chat, demo or just network with others...usually around 30-35 people each month.

02 march // TED2011 simulcast; the rediscovery of wonder
It's official, we've been granted permission to simulcast the second day of this year's TED2011 conference from Long Beach, California! Speakers include Morgan Spurlock and Bill Gates!

08 march // girl geek dinner
It's been a little longer than we expected, but we're back! To coincide with International Women's Day, our keynote speakers - Shang Ting Peng & Sanaz Raji - will be bringing global perspectives and stories, from Iran and China, to Leeds

11 may // WePublish; what did the digital revolution ever do for journalism?
For our second WePublish event we’re bringing together some of the biggest names from local blogging and journalism to debate the key issues faced by bloggers, journalists and others publishing on and off-line at grass-roots level. Emma Bearman (The Culture Vulture), Sarah Hartley (The Guardian Local) and Nigel Barlow (Inside the M60) will be lead by Adam Westbrook (Entrepreneurial Journalist and Video Blogger) through the issues that they and you think are key to our present day and future activities.

07 june // opencoffee {4th birthday}; 10am - 12pm
If you're working in the creative or digital industries, we'd love you to come hang out, chat, demo or just network with others...usually around 50 people each month.

13 july // TEDxBradford; this is where we live
The inaugural TEDxBradford, we wanted to showcase interesting and innovative people and projects from within the city, but also provide an opportunity for those with deep connections to Bradford to share their perspectives. Our programme for the day starts with a daytime simulcast of TEDGlobal2011 from Edinburgh followed by an evening programme of live speakers and screenings of talks from the TED archives.

22-24 september // 2.8 hours later
The cross-city zombie chase game comes to the streets of Leeds this Auturmn. Can you escape the zombie horde, find other survivors and make it to resistance HQ, all in 2.8 Hours?

25 september // LSxJunior
An event for families to explore and enjoy technology, born from a desire to make technology events in Leeds more inclusive for families. There is a combination of ticketed workshops and drop-in activities on the day

27 october // buffering… "pirates of silicon valley"
We wanted to pay our respects to Steve Jobs and on 27th October, LSx and nti Leeds will be hosting a special screening of Pirates of Silicon Valley, chronicling the early rivalry between Microsoft's Bill Gatesand Apple's Steve Jobs . The screening will be followed by a brief Q&A - live from Los Angeles - with the movie's writer and director, Martyn Burke.

01 november // LSxCafé
From this month, OpenCoffee will become the LSxCafé, continuing with our traditional coffee + cake networking, but emphasising a demo culture and encouraging attendees to show off what they're currently working on. This month we'll be hosting demos of Richard Englund's Xbox Kinect hacks and Paul Mackenzie with TweetDig.

02 november // girl geek dinner
Join us for the ninth edition of Leeds' Girl Geek Dinners. We have an very special evening planned as part of the Leeds Digital Festival. Girl Geek returns to the Mint Hotel and this edition's speakers incude Kathryn Grace, a design manager at Everything Everywhere and Elizabeth Sanderson, Leeds City Council's Web Services Manager.



{ our history...

LS1 Leeds' first web festival
Two weeks in August 2008, including including a visit from Union Square Venture's Fred Wilson and the city's first Girl Geek Dinner.

LSx09 Leeds 2nd Web Festival
One month, two dozen events, including Ryan Carson's Future Of Web Apps, a Physical Computing 101 workshop, two unconferences and the launch of Leeds' Hackspace community.

LSx2010 Leeds 3rd Web Festival
Seventeen events throughout May, including the return of Ignite Leeds, and events featuring Twitter's Raffi Krikorian, Creative Commons' Joscelyn Upendran and Google's Deborah Sherry.